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      Yoongoo Supports Smooth Release of People's Daily's "Omni-Media News Hall&q

      Live streaming has become an absolute hit in the market, and spreads across all regions extensively. Mark Zuckerberg described live video as “one of the things I'm most excited about” during an interview at the beginning of the year. Since its inception, Yoongoo has dedicated to the goal that “No video should be difficult to make". Recently, the company participated in the full HD live streaming of People's Daily’s “omni-media news hall” with its latest live video technologies.

      On June 20, the People's Daily's “omni-media news hall” hosted a press conference to release the Annual Report on China's Media Integration Development at its New Media Tower. The omni-media news hall is the latest development of People's Daily Central Kitchen to explore media integration with the Internet. For the first time, the conference was broadcast live on the omni-media news hall. Anyone can log in to the live streaming page via an invitation code to watch the event and interact with the guests via web messages.

      In order for the launch to go smoothly, Yoongoo technicians tested and configured the system as requested by the client one month in advance. The technical staff conducted repeated communications and technical rehearsals to ensure that the full HD live streaming was running smoothly, with 41G of content, 2M bit rate and H264 encoding format. The successful and smooth launch won the customer's trust and acclaim.

      Duration of support: 15:00-16:10, June 20, 2016

      Task: Full HD live streaming of “omni-media news hall" of People's Daily

      Product: Yoongoo Full HD 4G live video streaming encoder

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