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    1. Welcome to the website of Shanghai Yoongoo Network Technology Co., Ltd!
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      Complementary Advantages and Services for A New Ecosystem

      The management team of Yoongoo has over 20 years of experience in the development, operation and management of cloud-based video solutions. The company currently offers two product lines: intelligent video terminals and platforms. With deep insight into the sector, Yoongoo constantly develops innovative technologies and end-to-end products and solutions, including intelligent video terminals, video transcoding and OTT live streaming, so as to provide industry-leading online audiovisual solutions. Yoongoo responds swiftly to customer needs, and supports video operators enhance core competencies. Currently, Yoongoo has signed strategic cooperation agreement with several telecom operators, broadcasting operators and new media companies.

      As a leading application infrastructure network service provider in China, e-Cloud is an Internet technology company specialising in broadband access, value-added telecom services, server hosting, leasing, data centre maintenance, private line access and network acceleration platform. The company has strong technology strength, with abundant industry resources and outstanding technical background to support the rapid realization of network resource coverage and to provide customers with tailor-made Internet access solutions.

      Yoongoo and e-Cloud recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai. The parties will work on flexible and efficient cloud video solutions with their respective resource advantages, and maintain long-term strategic cooperation in areas such as CDN network bearer, cloud transcoding, video distribution technology and solution, video PASS capability incubation and operation, and end-to-end experience innovation. With the explosive growth in demand for live video broadcasting, the strategic cooperation is bound to create great synergy, upgrade the video industry and produce considerable social and economic benefits.

      The two technology-savvy startups will complement each other's strengths and services to create a new ecosystem as the development opportunity approaches, providing customers with end-to-end solutions for better experience yet simpler operations, which will surely lead to commercial success.

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