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      Integrated Video Development for A Winning Product

      On May 17, 2016, Xinjiang Telecom joins with BesTV Network Television Technology Development Co., Ltd. (BesTV) and Yoongoo to develop "UHD", a dual-screen interactive product for "mobile + TV”. The product will help Xinjiang Telecom implement the "Internet + era" strategy, realize mobile Internet traffic attraction, excel at market competition, strengthen user stickiness, enhance ARPU, seize the opportunity of development and grasp a new revenue growth point.

      The UHD and integrated video solution launched by Xinjiang Telecom are leading the industry with innovative business applications and network resources.

      1. TV and mobile phone are fully interactive and inter-operable . The mobile phone can serve as an operating platform to select programmes on TV.

      2. TV set and all mobile terminals enable video calls.

      3. The first 2K VR experience in China.

      4. Internet + era, big video, all resources mobilised.

      5. Zero lag, zero interruption, zero cost.

      Xinjiang Telecom, BesTV and Yoongoo jointly integrate industry resources with clear division of work: Xinjiang Telecom is responsible for providing basic network and developing users; BesTV is responsible for providing video content and operation; Yoongoo provides technical support and maintenance; Exploring the blue ocean market and creating a win-win situation for all three parties.

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